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Eco-design & Architecture

At La Kukula Lodge our environmentally responsible architecture design allows us to exist in harmony with the surrounding wildlife.

  • Our Sustainable Design

Our sustainably sourced teak wood rooms are perfectly integrated into the jungle with minimal impact on the local ecosystem. We combined aspects of traditional craftsmanship, such as building on raised platforms, with innovative architectural design to achieve a style that is both comfortable and environmentally responsible. Building on stilted platforms enables animals, such as agoutis and frogs, to roam freely underneath as they would in undisturbed forest.

  • Passive Cooling and Solar Power

We worked with specialist architects to construct tropical contemporary bungalows with a passive cooling system that makes air conditioning unnecessary.

Our rooms are built on raised platforms to reduce the effects of ground heat and humidity. The high ceilings and thoughtfully designed ventilation system allows air to circulate and heat to be expelled as it rises. During the day, the overhanging roof and window shutters shade the room from direct sunlight to prevent it from becoming too hot.

Though we are only five minutes walk from Playa Chiquita, our rooms in the jungle are much cooler than the beach. This is because the surrounding vegetation not only provides shade, but also absorbs heat and gives off cooler air.

As part of our renewable energy commitment, we generate the energy needed for hot water on site through solar panels. Our showers are equipped with rainmaker shower heads and have two windows out into the jungle. Shutters are provided for maximum privacy.

  • Our Reforestation Commitment

Built on the site of an old cocoa plantation, La Kukula Lodge is situated in secondary rainforest. To encourage fauna to thrive in the area, we have begun a reforestation process. Footpaths at La Kukula Lodge are narrow in order to maintain an uninterrupted canopy, which allows troops of howler monkeys and other animals to travel through overhead without having to leave the safety of the treetops. The room’s balconies are an excellent place to observe tropical birds and wildlife.

Researchers have estimated that there are fewer than 300 great green macaws left in Costa Rica. We have planted mountain almond trees, which the macaws rely on for food, in order to maximise their chances of successful reintroduction to this area. We have also transplanted cecropia trees, the leaves of which form a vital part of the sloth’s diet. These trees are also a favourite of monkeys, toucans and kinkajous. Five manilkara chicle trees, which are about to become extinct because of their hardwood, have been planted, as well as four cacha trees and two cedro trees.

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